LinkedIn launched as a website to host career profiles in 2003, and has grown into a globally recognized social media networking site that caters to business professionals. Over the past 11 years, the website has grown to include many features that can help increase traffic to your website, encourage meaningful relationships between your business and others in the same field, and find potential employees, among many other perks.

LinkedIn generates 64% of company website visits from social media sites. More people use LinkedIn for business purposes over any other social media networking site, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Within the LinkedIn Groups feature, you can use search filters to find and connect with people who may share the same interests as your company, or who may be able to “influence” other LinkedIn users to check out your site (for more information on LinkedIn Influencers, visit LinkedIn).  Before you hit “send” on a request, however, make sure you are personalizing your invitations to connect! If the person doesn’t know who you are or why you are sending them an invitation, they are less likely to accept your request.  Include a few personal details, ask them a question to generate a response, tell them how you came across their profile or why you are interested in connecting.

In addition to searching the member database of different groups your company belongs to on LinkedIn (you can join up to 50), you can build your own group, specific to your product, service or brand. By creating your own group, you can moderate the LinkedIn members who are able to connect with and see other members and content posted on your group page, create and share your own content, and encourage discussion about specific topics.

If your company isn’t already taking advantage of the many useful aspects of LinkedIn, contact us and let us help you set up an account.