You already know that email marketing is important, but do you know why? Why is it that companies invest so much effort into successful email campaigns?


Direct mail is a great marketing tool — if you can afford it. Unfortunately, not all companies have the budget for such tactics. Once you factor in design time, printing, postage, etc., the numbers can add up quickly. Now, I’m not saying tactics like direct mail aren’t effective — they certainly can be! But, email marketing is another way companies with smaller marketing budgets can still reach their consumers without the added costs.


Approximately 122 billion emails are sent every hour, resulting in PACKED inboxes. Email marketing allows some control over when you are sending out your emails. Sending too many emails can result in an annoyed consumer while sporadic emails can cause them to “forget” about you. Work on controlling when your emails are being sent. Some emails work best when sent first thing in the morning. Others, such as restaurants, may do better emailing right before dinner time when people are preparing to eat. Do some research and trials to see what time of day works best for you.

What are some basic steps you can do to make email marketing a success?


Being able to personalize Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) emails is a great way to connect. When you call a recipient by name or by their company name, you are showing them that you know who they are and that they are important enough to call out. It lets them know that you took the time to send that email specifically to them; and therefore, it is more relevant than a generic email. Calling them by name makes the connection with a sense of familiarity and helps to create and strengthen your business relationship. Fun fact: Consumers are 22% more likely to open your email if it is specifically addressed to them.

Also, ensure that you are reaching your target audience and demographics. Research email marketing databases to be confident that you are using one that best fits your needs and goals.


Call to actions (CTAs) are one of the best ways to enhance the success of your email marketing efforts. Clearly stating in the email what it is that you want the recipient to do will encourage them to respond. Keeping the CTA basic and simple is key. Overcomplicating the message will lead to a decline in response, which will ultimately diminish successful results.  Don’t be afraid to play around with different types of CTAs. Switching up the colors, font, wording, etc., will help you get a feel for what is most effective for your business. Just make sure you don’t test multiple strategies at the same time and risk voiding any usable data.

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