Surely you have heard the hype about the new Pokémon Go video game app.

In case you haven’t, it’s a free app download for Apple and Android devices that uses augmented reality to let players catch fictional Pokémon characters while walking around town. It already has become the biggest mobile game in U.S. history and is quickly approaching the number of daily active users on Android devices of app giants like Snapchat and Google.

Pokémon Go players, called Trainers, are divided into three teams: Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue), and Valor (red). There are place markers called “PokéStops,” where Trainers can reload their Pokéball stash and grab a few other items for their character to use in their searches. There also are landmark “Gyms” where Trainers can battle their Pokémon against opposing team Trainers and claim victory for their team.

This app has made headlines over the past week – it already boasts over 10 million downloads on Google Play, and is reportedly making upwards of $1.6 million a day in Apple’s App Store. The statistics surrounding Pokémon Go are incredible!

So how can your business benefit from this new game?

The first step is to download the game on your phone or tablet and set up a character profile. Familiarize yourself with the game – we suggest playing until you get to Level 5. Android users can download the game here, and Apple users can download the app here. Once you’re familiar with the game, check out the tips below.

If your business is a Pokéstop
With about $20, you can purchase enough Lure Modules to bring Pokémon Go players to your business for a full day (Lure Modules attract Pokémon to your area for a 30-minute period). Make sure to share that you’ve used a Lure Module at your business on social media, and encourage people to share your post.


Screenshots of Lure Modules in Pokémon Go App

If your business is a Gym
In the original Pokémon games, players could take their Pokémon to gyms and earn “Gym Badges.”  Consider bringing the game to real-life by rewarding the “owners” of your gym (or one located nearby) with tangible “badges” like gift cards, business t-shirts, or other promotional items. Also, share screenshots of current gym owners on social media and challenge customers to take over your gym.


Screenshots of a gym owner, Pokémon battling, and battle results page.

If your business is not a Pokéstop or Gym
Consider all of your current marketing tactics, and how you could use those. Do you have a sign outside? Try offering 5-10% discounts for Pokémon Go players. Do you own a restaurant or bar? Offer drink or food discounts to your favorite team or to all Pokémon Go players. Here are a few clever suggestions from businesses around the country:





If you’re interested in setting up an account, but aren’t quite sure what to do, let us help! You can get in touch with Tabitha at [email protected] for more information.