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MVC promotes social distancing and safe practices with animated video messages

Back in March, when the impact of the 2020 pandemic slapped us in the face with the first shelter-in-place order, our advertising agency admittedly was stunned like everyone else.

We are a relationship business and enjoy regular face-to-face meetings with our clients. As creatives and PR specialists, handshakes and hugs are a natural part of our DNA. And now we would have to resort to Zoom conference calls to see anyone outside our new “home” offices. That seems so long ago now, but we have certainly adapted to what some call the “Now Normal” as conditions continue to evolve and change.

Brainstorming a public relations plan for clients
Among our initial recommendations to clients was that they should continue to communicate with their customers and the rest of the outside world. “Don’t go quiet,” we preached, “it’s time to show leadership and confidence.”

That’s when we also decided that we should practice what we were preaching. So, we came up with an idea to promote social distancing and other safety measures to flatten the pandemic curve by investing in a series of animated video messages on behalf of our clients. It was a way to spread the message about safe practices while showcasing our talents at the same time.

Our approach was to alter our clients’ logos (most of which we had originally created) in ways that demonstrated social distancing. You can see actual examples of our work on this page as well as on our clients’ own websites and social media channels. In most cases, we would never recommend capriciously changing a client’s brand – but this seemed like a good way to draw visual attention to a very important message in a fun and entertaining medium.

Our clients embraced these video messages by sending them out through their respective social media, emails, and website postings. It’s typically our job to stay in the background when promoting our clients, but we got involved as well with our own social distancing video for Morton Vardeman & Carlson.

This project has endeared us even more to our clients as evidence of our partnership with them. Most of all, we feel we’ve played a role in promoting critical CDC guidelines to the public and so many different spheres of influence by leveraging our own client base. We want to thank our client partners for joining us in this worthwhile effort and trust that they have enjoyed being a part of this program as much as we have.