At Morton Vardeman & Carlson, we have been busier than ever helping our clients demonstrate leadership and confidence during this period of uncertainty with our health and economy.

Now is not the time to go quiet while waiting on COVID-19 to eventually fizzle out. In fact, when other companies retreat, it’s the perfect time for your company to stand out with the execution of a strong communications plan. It can be as simple as informing your clients on your website about your revised business hours and operational changes while your employees work remotely (it just matters that at least you are communicating something as opposed to nothing).

Or, like many of our clients have done, you can use the opportunity to step up your communications with a digital newsletter, an inspirational eBlast message, or social media campaign. After all, with so many people sheltered at home and streaming, what better time to reach your customers and your market.

Times like these draw out innovation and creativity. As just one example, look at all the brave restaurant owners who have retooled with outdoor food tents for pick-up and delivery services. Is your company doing something unique with customers and employees that is worthy of publicity? The news media is covering this coronavirus story from every corner and always looking for a new angle – your business could be the next headline.

Yes, together we can flatten the curve – without doing the same to our marketing plans. Because it’s not a time to slow down. It’s full speed ahead. Please let us know if our communications and brand messaging team can help your business too.


Morton Vardeman & Carlson