Hear from our founder, Tot Morton, on how our company was started 50 years ago.

Hear from some of our partners on how our agency has continued growing and evolving over the years to best serve our clients.

To bring to life a company’s vision… to brand the essence of a firm or product… to spark an idea and to put the right message in front of the right people … Well, that’s what we live for.


It surprises even us how much of an impact Morton Vardeman & Carlson has had and continues to have on shaping the North Georgia region and well beyond. Our work is so integrated into the fabric of life that we are a daily part of business, culture, recreation, manufacturing, finance, healthcare and many, many not-for-profit organizations. With 50 years of experience,  MVC understands how to best use strategic marketing and communications with our clients’ customers.

Our passion is crafting your story in the language that resonates with your customers. Whether your world reaches the far corners of the globe or the near crossroads of your hometown, we are your partner in building, nurturing and sustaining your unique voice.